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CitySprint | Medi-Sprint | 1.800.DELIVER is locally owned and specializes in same-day delivery, transportation and logistics services. Our mission is to simplify the delivery process so your business can run the way you intended... smoothly and successfully.


Getting things done right, and getting things done seamlessly. Hard things to do in today's business climate. You can rest assured that City Sprint is here to help you run your business to the best of your ability. We have a "No-fail" policy when it comes to delivery and logistics. There are several companies in the Twin Cities who offer courier services. There's only one that genuinley serves the needs of their client base --and that's us!

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At CitySprint, every customer is our most valued asset. We understand that your business depends on its ability to have
24 / 7 / 365 reliability at all important levels of your operation. And we do just that.

Our commitment to you is not an empty promise. Whenever, and wherever you need us, we'll be there for you. At CitySprint, we don't just talk about the
services we provide...





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